Gratitude 2/3

Yesterday I woke up with my body feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep but, emotionally and spiritually, I was exhausted. That made for a hard day in which I could feel the stress. As the day progressed I felt better and better. Looking back I think that having people to talk to helped. I also recognized that one of my roles in this age of protest, is to help others who are feeling exhausted…by providing a listening ear, encouraging and modeling good self care, praying, and more…I’m still figuring this out.

Today I’m personally thankful for: meeting (and having the opportunity to share my struggles) with colleagues yesterday, the dedication of our El Centrito board members, last night’s gentle rain.

Gratitude 1/30

Yesterday I drove to Los Angeles and joined the protest at the airport. I’m planning to write about my experience in the next few days. Meanwhile I’ll share my favorite sign photo and my gratitude.

Today I’m personally thankful for: being able to go to my 360x class this morning at Mile 26; Sally Yates for refusing to defend the indefensible; and the LAPD for their work with big protest marches two weeks in a row…I sure they’ll be more.

Gratitude 1/29

I like this quote that is attributed to Martin Luther: “Even if I knew tomorrow the world would go to pieces I would still plant my apple tree.”

Today I am personally thankful for: a beautiful new day; my first amendment right to protest; the truth that God loves us unconditionally and calls us to love one another.

Lord God, in these trying times help me to oppose strongly that which is against my faith and our country, while also being intentional in loving my neighbor. 

Gratitude 1/23

Yesterday I had the honor of preaching at a friend’s installation as pastor of Shepherd of the Valley in Simi Valley. I talked a bit about heroes…those who impact our lives as well as our own opportunities to be heroes for others. Who have been your heroes? How have they impacted and inspired you?

Today I am personally thankful for: the women (and men) who battled the sexism that once made it impossible for women to serve as God has called them, I serve as a pastor because of them; the pastors and other leaders of New City Parish who allowed me to experience the vibrancy and richness of the inner city; and the millions of Americans who are making it clear that the current president and congress do not have a mandate.