Gratitude 2/10

Today I was able to run my scheduled 6 miles with a friend. It was wonderful to be able to chat while easily covering those miles. When I first started running, it was just me. My daughter also began running at about the same time but we were not on the same schedules. Then my husband and son started running as well. We’ve have great experiences together at races and Saturday long runs. But usually I’m alone for my runs during the week. Sometimes this is good as I contemplate Sunday’s sermon…or other deep topics. Other times it is lonely. So today was a treat…

Today I am personal thankful for: M26 Running Tribe and all the new friends I’ve made since joining about 18 months ago; this morning’s run; and that this week was the first week of training for Mountains to Beach! Now I just need to shave 6 minutes of my marathon!

Gratitude 2/1

February already! January was a difficult month for many. As I think about this I know that even in the midst of difficulty we can find joy…in a family member, in a friend, in creation, in the often silly things that happen in a day, in art, in song, in exercise, and in relaxing. Where do you find your joy? Let’s all find ways to take care of ourselves.

Today I am personally thankful for: the mental health benefits of running; that my post marathon recovery time is coming to an end so I can soon put in some long runs; and the laughter of children.

Gratitude 1/27

Yesterday was a very stressful day, starting with some ugly family drama from my childhood. Historically I would have dealt with this stress by eating and eating and eating some more. This was how I dealt with stress and how I came to weigh 80 pounds more than I do today. Last night I realized that it never occurred to me to eat in this way…progress!

Today I am personally thankful for: a long walk at the beach with a good friend (way better form of self care than food); the reminder that healthy boundaries are always a good thing; the absolutely beautiful weather yesterday.