It’s not always about speed

Almost five years ago I ran my first 5K. It was at a 4th of July race and I completed the race in 36:16. I still remember how hard the race was, how Megan sailed past me at the finish, and the feeling of accomplishment. I had only been running a short time and had […]
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Mountains 2 Beach – Race Recap

Way back in October 2015 I set M2B on May 28, 2017 as a goal race. Back then I figured that 18 months was enough time to improve enough to run a Boston Qualifier (I had just run my second marathon with a time of 5:04:36). The closer the date came, the more my goal […]
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That’s a goal!

An indication of integrity is to respond truthfully. A sign of decency is to respond with gentleness. These types of responses may not be easy, especially when the person standing before you has just expressed a crazy, seemingly unrealistic goal. I’ll remember forever my first conversation with Josh Spiker about coaching. I had recently completed […]
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Race Day – Gratitude 5/28

Today’s the day! In the fall of 2015 I set this as a goal race, so I indeed have a time goal. I also plan to have fun, enjoy the scenery, and dig deep when the going gets tough. Today I am personally thankful for: a supportive family; good training; and living in beautiful Ventura […]
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Ready! – Gratitude 5/27

On this Saturday morning I’m thinking about tomorrow morning when I’ll be running my 6th marathon. My first was the Ventura Marathon, September 2014, and I had 2 goals: to finish and not be last. I did finish in 5:51:02. It was hot that day! I was not last, but was definitely bringing up the […]
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Boogie Nights Week 1 – Gratitude 5/18

Wednesday night (5/17) was the first race of the 10 week 5k Boogie Nights series at the Ventura Pier. This is the third year that my family and I are participating. The first year I remember the races being very hard! I always went out too fast and struggled to finish. My goal through the […]
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Gratitude 5/16

As I watch the early morning news, I’m feeling the same horrible awfulness that I felt last November. Each week we, as a nation, learn the news of a new low in our national government. Last week it was the firing of the director of the FBI because of his investigation of Russia’s involvement in […]
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Healthy (with a preexisting condition) – Gratitude 5/5

This morning I am thankful that I’m healthy, more than healthy, I’m fit. Yet according to the desires of our GOP representatives currently in congress, I would not be able to obtain health insurance outside employer based health plans. This is because my two children were breach, resulting in their births via cesarean section, and […]
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A Good Workout – Gratitude 5/4

Sometimes…oftentimes even, the antidote to feeling anxious (or stressed) is a good dose of exercise. One of the many reasons I run is that I’ve experienced the wonderful physical benefits of a good workout. In some mysterious way, running hard results in a relaxed mind and body (even if the muscles are a bit tired). […]
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On waking up anxious – Gratitude 5/3

This morning I woke up to a bad dream. Thankfully this is such a rare occurrence, I can’t remember the last time it happened. This dream was in relation to a challenging situation I’ve been facing that doesn’t seem to ever get resolved. In my dream, it “blew-up” into a full bore conflagration. Thankfully that […]
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