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Ummm – Racing Weight Week 2

I weigh myself most mornings, which is a good or bad practice, depending on whose advice you listen to. It’s generally helpful for me. Over the last couple years, as I’ve lost lots of weight, I’ve recorded it whenever I reached a lower number. Of course with the daily fluctuations that we all have it […]
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Racing Weight – Getting There

A brief background. I mentioned in previous posts that I started running in an effort to lose weight (Not Always about SpeedĀ andĀ About Sugar). It worked as I’d lost approximately 80 pounds by September 2016 (this has been a multi-year journey). I say approximately because I don’t know my heaviest weight…at a certain point it’s depressing […]
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It’s not always about speed

Almost five years ago I ran my first 5K. It was at a 4th of July race and I completed the race in 36:16. I still remember how hard the race was, how Megan sailed past me at the finish, and the feeling of accomplishment. I had only been running a short time and had […]
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30 Pounds – Gratitude 4/11

  This morning I participated in a group exercise class at #M26Fitness. This isn’t new, as I usually try to get in two classes a week. But this was a new day /time /instructor for me. I enjoyed the very hard work of this class and will have to fit some of these into my […]
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Gratitude 1/27

Yesterday was a very stressful day, starting with some ugly family drama from my childhood. Historically I would have dealt with this stress by eating and eating and eating some more. This was how I dealt with stress and how I came to weigh 80 pounds more than I do today. Last night I realized […]
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Is it the sugar? Or even the artificial sugar? One anecdotal story

Ever struggle with losing weight? Exercise helps but it doesn’t work alone. My suggestion…experiment with cutting added sugar from your diet.