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Failed Lately? Maybe it’s not what you think…another recap

My last two posts title “Failed Lately…” can be found here Failed Lately? Maybe you just needed the right stuff and here Failed Lately? Maybe something is wrong. For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking about the diagnoses of pneumonia that I received after having a breathing-while-swimming problem on August 25th. The diagnoses didn’t make sense to […]
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Failed Lately? Maybe something is wrong.

I’ve had a busy summer and haven’t been doing a good job with this blog. Having some free time this morning I decided to finish up a post about the San Francisco Half Marathon which was July 31. Then I noted that my last post was about a scare that I had while swimming on […]
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Failed Lately? Maybe you just needed the right stuff

A few weeks ago I decided to join some members of my running club at their Tuesday afternoon swim. The location was a little beach very close to the entrance to Ventura Harbor. Here, you are protected from the ocean waves, but still have a bit of small swell and the occasional boat wake. Also, […]
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