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So far the Thomas Fire has been burning for more than a week. Here in Oxnard, we are not in any danger from the fire but are occasionally experiencing heavy smoke. My husband and son work in Carpinteria (north of here) and have been out of work because of the fire. I think they are […]
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Another Form of Disaster Relief

Small businesses need your support!

Race Day – Ray Miller 50K Recap

I signed up for this race last spring. It seemed to be so far into the future then, and I am always surprised when race day dawns. Where did all the time go? A book that I read for an intro to trail running was, “Relentless Forward Progress.” In addition to being a primer for […]
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An Idle Tale

But these words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them.” Where did I get this quote? Was it from the news today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year? An idle tale…maybe a bit archaic. How about, “they thought they were lying, and they did not believe them.” In this case […]
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Last One – Ray Miller Training Run #7

Black Friday…I almost never shop on Black Friday. In fact the only time I did was when my husband and I went to Santa Barbara for the day (to escape the malls) and discovered we were strolling by a bunch of stores that were empty of crowds. Usually we just find something relaxing to do. […]
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Okay! Ray Miller Training Run #6

After last week’s long run, I was pretty discouraged and worried about my 50k race that is approaching way to rapidly. I’ve given serious thought to dropping down to the 30k. But at the same time I hate giving up on a challenge. So, I’ve taken a wait and see how I’m feeling attitude. I […]
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Road & Trail Running Not the Same. Duh! Ray Miller Training Run #5

Last Saturday (11/11) Megan and I ran the first loop of the 50k we’re running December 2nd. Thankfully there was a group training run the same day so we were out there with many people. Well actually, many people passed us throughout the morning. This run was a week late (schedule wise) because I’ve been […]
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This Day – Gratitude 10/30

As I make dinner and then rush off for a meeting I’ve thought about this day. Here’s what I’ve done: 4:30am – coffee and the news before strength class 6:00am – 360X @Mile26Fitness. I wasn’t sure if my sore left quad was ready (recovering from Ventura Marathon Race Recap – How’d that untethering go?). I […]
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Ventura Marathon Race Recap – How’d that untethering go?

Last Sunday I ran my 7th marathon…that’s hard to believe! My only goal for this race was to run it completely by effort, and to avoid looking at any of the data on my watch (Untethering – Kind of, Maybe). Prior to the race I set the data screen to only show mileage. My rational […]
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Untethering – Kind of, Maybe

I confess I’m a running data addict. I like to look at the numbers produced by my Garmin both during and after a run. I used to equate fitness with speed, thus pushing myself to run just a bit faster, hitting a pace on my Garmin, regardless of feel, and then calling it “easy.” After […]
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