Who Is GirlRevRunning?

Welcome to the GirlRevRunning blog. My name is Nancy Switzler and I currently serve as the pastor of a Lutheran Church in Oxnard, CA. I also run! I first started running as a way to lose weight…now it is a way of life. Here I share thoughts about running, about faith, about politics (once in awhile), and about life!

My latest accomplishment is qualifying for, and running in the 2018 Boston Marathon. This was an awesome experience.

Recently I’ve coached a couple people, one to a PR and another to her first half marathon. Now I’m coaching family members and a couple friends. I’m liking this coaching and so am working to set up a coaching business. Stay tuned for more info…or send me a note!

Other stuff…

  • I’m married to Scott. We have two adult children and three chihuahuas.
  • We live in an old Craftsman Bungalow. I’ve been restoring it and I will occasionally share what I am doing.
  • In addition to Boston I’ve run 7 marathons, for a total of 8. I’ve run one 50k, numerous half marathons, a few 10k’s, and lots of 5k’s. By the way, 5k’s are the hardest races, for me at least!


10 thoughts on “Who Is GirlRevRunning?

  1. HI there! I’m so glad I found your blog! I love connecting with Christian runners. I just started running about 8 years ago and got hooked on it right away. I started noticing all the powerful parallels between running and our journey with God. After a couple years I put these parallels into a devotional book that was recently published. (Embracing the Race:40 Devotions for the Runner’s Soul)
    I would like to send you a complimentary copy of the book if you’d be willing to share it with others and spread the word. Part of my proceeds benefits WaterStep, which is a nonprofit that provides clean water in developing countries.
    Here’s the link to info about my book on my blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think and if you want a copy. https://reststopforthesoul.com/my-book/
    Blessings to you and happy running!

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  2. Checking back with you regarding my book, Embracing The Race: 40 Devotions for the Runner’s Soul. Would you be willing to help me out in one of these ways? Write a review on Amazon. Review the book on your blog. Allow me to do a guest post. Share about the book on your social media sites. Let me know what works for you. I’m just following up with people I’ve sent the book to. Blessings to you!


    • I was just thinking about you. I’ve read about half of the devotions…I’m kind of slow. So, for now you can write a guest post for my blog and I’ll write a review when I’ve finish reading.


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