Taper Time – Boston Marathon Training Week 16

Here is an example of multi-year progress. I joined a training program for my 2nd marathon. Although it was my 2nd, I can say that I was still very much a beginner. I remember reading the training plan and wondering how I was possibly going to run those 38-42 mile weeks. It seemed insurmountable, until I actually did it.

I thought about this because my taper week mileage was just under 36 running miles (it was supposed to be just under 38 but I had to cut Monday short). Amazingly, this felt like almost nothing. Of course that’s the taper…but I’m always amazed at the progress.

We fly to Boston on Thursday. Hit the race expo on Friday. Go to a Red Sox game on Saturday (Scott, Matt, & Megan will run a 5k too). Do some car site seeing on Sunday (not a lot of walking for me!). And then the race on Monday. Between today and Saturday I’ll run 25 miles for Taper Week 2. It’s hard to believe that race week is here!

Here’s last week’s training:

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