Re-Committing: Boston Marathon Training Week 3

This photo was taken in November. 

Yesterday (Sunday 1/7) some members of my running club were planning to conduct a weigh-in, followed by an 8 week contest to lose weight. I’m told they do this annually as a way to get rid of those pounds gained though the holidays (but they skipped the last 2 years). While I’ve not hesitated to share my weight here on this blog (as a way to tell my weight loss story), the thought of going and weighing myself with other members of the running club brought great anxiety. For me, the anonymity of the internet is safer…except that everyone who knows me can read this as well. Hmmm. They postponed the weigh-in until next week but I probably won’t do it then either.

This morning I weighed 170.2 with 28.8% body fat. This is about 7 pounds more than I weighed a year ago and is a sign that I’ve been eating way too much! One of my great fears is that I’d regain all the weight that I’ve lost since I started running (and mostly eating differently). 7 pounds is not 80 pounds, but complacency is what allows those of us who struggle to allow those pounds to creep back on. Thankfully a party on Saturday night was the last for awhile.

While I was still active when heavier, I don’t want to go back to this…

Now I’m training for Boston, so it’s not the best time to embark on a calorie deficit weight loss attempt…but I can eat well. I can make better choices. For instance yesterday we spent the afternoon taking down and putting away all the Christmas decorations. When dinner time came, my husband suggested pizza, and this did sound good. But instead we had salads of romaine, spinach, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, onion, and feta. I had a homemade vinagrette as well. For me…this is also part of marathon training.

Right now, eating right is a huge part of marathon training. If you too struggle with food and weight…don’t give up because you are worth the effort!

So how did the week of training go? Wonderful. I’m still ramping up and that meant a bit over 28 miles run along with strength training. Here’s my log:

Nancy Switzler
Workouts: 12/31/2017 – 1/6/2018
Sunday, December 31, 2017 Rest Day
Monday, January 1, 2018
8:36 AM Run – Easy Run Planned: 5 mi
Completed: 5 mi ~ 49:44 (9:56 min/mi)
9:30 AM Strength & Mobility
Core & Strength Level 2
2 Sets of the following sequence with ~ 30-60 seconds rest between each exercise.
15 squats; 20 sec. plank; 10 push ups; 20 Crunches; 10 lunges on each leg; 20 sec. plank; 10 calf drops on each leg; 20 Sit-Ups
Completed: 30:00 minutes.
I did these with Scott with some modifications…like squats with 16 pound ball toss to each other. Fun!
Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Rest Day
8:30 PM Strength & Mobility
Hip prehab plus
Three sets each: Bridges (3 types); clamshells w/band; pushups; plank. Gentle stretch and roll. I’m supposed to do this little workout each night to prevent another hamstring pull or other injury. I usually do it when I haven’t done anything else.
Completed: 20:00
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
5:58 PM Run – 2 Mile Threshold Run
Planned: 6 mi
2 Miles Easy; 2 Miles @ Threshold Pace; 2 Miles Easy
Completed: 6.78 mi ~ 1:03:27 (9:21 min/mi)
Note: I did this at track and it was wondeful to be back at track even if I wasn’t doing the same workout as everyone else. The threshold pace was 8:40 (mile 1) and 8:36 (mile 2)
Thursday, January 4, 2018
4:00 PM Strength & Mobility
Core & Strength Level 2
2 Sets of the following sequence with ~ 30-60 seconds rest between each exercise.
15 squats; 20 sec. plank; 10 push ups; 20 Crunches; 10 lunges on each leg; 20 sec. plank; 10 calf drops on each leg; 20 Sit-Ups
Completed: 25:00
Friday, January 5, 2018
8:10 AM 5 Miles Easy
Completed: 5 mi ~ 51:00 (10:11 min/mi)
Workout Comments:

Pretty tired this morning from not getting a good night sleep…got the hours of sleep but I felt like it was more tossing and turning than anything else.
Saturday, January 6, 2018
12:30 PM 12 Mile Long Run (Nice & Easy)
Completed: 12 mi ~ 2:01:06 (10:05 min/mi)
Workout Comments:

Had to do an afternoon run because of a morning meeting. The weather was foggy and cool, thankfully. Overall it just felt nice to get a long run in…even if it was only 12 miles. 100 days until Boston
Planned Run: 28.00 mi // Completed Run: 28.78 mi ~ 4:45:18
Completed Strength & Mobility: 1:15:00

4 thoughts on “Re-Committing: Boston Marathon Training Week 3

  • I’m battling some weight gain myself. Sometimes, it’s nice to mix it up because the body gets used to running and it’s harder to drop the pounds … at least in my case.

    Good luck with training.


    • That is very true! One reason (among many) that I appreciate having a coach is that I don’t get stuck in doing the same workouts each week.
      Mixing it up in regards to eating might be good advice as well…as in don’t get into a rut. As to weight specifically, it is (frustratingly) so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. In the past when I’ve lost weight, I’d get to what I thought was a good place and then slowly go back up and even gain more. I don’t want to do that again and one good step is to be aware of this. This morning I looked back and saw that 3 years ago I weighed 182. Five years ago I weighed somewhere around 250. I don’t plan to go there again!
      Thanks for sharing


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