An Idle Tale

But these words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them.”

Where did I get this quote? Was it from the news today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year?

An idle tale…maybe a bit archaic. How about, “they thought they were lying, and they did not believe them.”

In this case the “they” are men and the “them” are women. No surprise here!

We seem to be experiencing a reckoning in our country right now, at least in some quarters. Each day, each week, powerful men in media and entertainment are losing their jobs because of a newly found zero tolerance of sexual harassment in the workplace. Why now?

Tales of harassment, abuse, and even assault are now making their way through the political world. We read that members of congress have been using taxpayer dollars for years to make settlements for bad behavior. Maybe more and more of these stories will come to light. I hope so. Meanwhile I ask, why now?

Maybe NOW is because many women are fed up. They’re tired of the silence and have decided to speak truth, as painful as that truth may be. I personally don’t have stories of sexual harassment and/or abuse in the workplace, although I have many stories of being treated differently because of my gender. My own story of abuse is one of a confused little girl. I am working up the courage to one day share that story.

I personally am fed up, and disgusted by, the Christians who in their worship of political power are choosing not to believe the credible stories of multiple women. For the Christians who voted for Donald Trump regardless of the abuse claims leveled against him, the victims, ” words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them.”

Now, those who call themselves Christian, are poised to elect Roy Moore as a senator from Alabama. They call themselves “family values” Christians, yet they are ok with an accused pedophile and predator. Because all they can see is the benefit of political power, the many corroborated stories are to them, idle tales and not to be believed.

I reject this Christianity in the strongest terms. I am ashamed and embarrassed to profess my own Christianity when I see what is being allowed in the misguided pursuit of power.

To be consistent, I also believe that Al Franken and John Conyers and anyone else whose actions show that their respect for all women doesn’t go beyond mere words should resign or be pushed out of power.

It is time for a more thorough reckoning… it is time for all people to reject those who use their positions to abuse others. The first step is to listen to, and believe the stories.

“But these words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them.”

Where did I get this quote? From the gospel of Luke. It describes the reaction of the disciples to the news, brought by the women, of Jesus’ resurrection (Luke 24:11). I guess we haven’t progressed much, but change is in the air.

Let’s start listening…and believing…and making change that is good for all. It’s the truly Christian thing to do.

Last One – Ray Miller Training Run #7

Family photo…Nick was commenting on our colorful clothes, we were certainly bright.

Black Friday…I almost never shop on Black Friday. In fact the only time I did was when my husband and I went to Santa Barbara for the day (to escape the malls) and discovered we were strolling by a bunch of stores that were empty of crowds.

Usually we just find something relaxing to do. This year, I did my final training run in preparation for the Ray Miller 50K that will be December 2nd.

Megan and I started at 7:00am with a goal of running 16 miles, and hitting Hell Hill one more time. My sister-in-law and nephew joined us for the very beginning, but they were hiking so we weren’t together too long.

This is a beautiful part of the trail…just before Hell Hill

This was a great run. My average pace per mile was 40 seconds faster than my previous training runs and I felt better than I’ve felt in a long time. When we were done, I felt like I could keep going. It is definitely a confidence booster!

The work is done and now I just have to do the race. My goal is to finish. A second goal is to finish in less than 8 hours, but I’ll be happy to finish.

One fun story. A little over two years ago, while I was training for my second marathon I encountered a man who was riding his bike. It was a beach cruiser kind of bike and he came alongside me while I was running up a small hill. I was on mile 6 of a 10 mile run. As he passed, he asked, “trying to muster up some self discipline?” I responded, “I have it!” But I was pissed! Obviously, as I still remember this rude encounter (funny how we remember these things). I had already lost a lot of weight, but still weighed more than I do now. Regardless of my weight or how I looked while running, that comment was rude and completely uncalled for.

You might be asking yourself, “what is fun about that story?” and “what does it have to do with a Ray Miller training run?”

After walking up Hell Hill and making my way back toward the original trailhead, I realized I was going to need another couple miles. So I passed the trail and ran down a fire trail for about a mile. Then I had to turn around and run back up the trail. By this time it was hot and it was a climb, but I was feeling great. Just as I was completing mile 13 a man on a bike passed me. He too commented as he passed, saying, “Wow, you are hard to catch up to! Good job.”

And that ends this series on training for Ray Miller. I will do a race recap.

Okay! Ray Miller Training Run #6

Another beautiful sunrise on PCH

After last week’s long run, I was pretty discouraged and worried about my 50k race that is approaching way to rapidly. I’ve given serious thought to dropping down to the 30k. But at the same time I hate giving up on a challenge. So, I’ve taken a wait and see how I’m feeling attitude.

I mentioned on my last update that I had my fuel system all wrong. But I was also still tired.

I went to my chiropractor twice last week as he’s treating me for the  lingering effects of a whiplash (got rear ended October 30th). I told him I was frustrated because it didn’t feel as if I was recovering from the marathon I ran October 22nd. He asked if such a slow recovery is normal for after a marathon. The answer was “no, it doesn’t usually take this long to recover.” He helped me to recognize that my body was affected by the accident. Mentally this reminder was helpful…so was the massage I got on Friday.

Before that massage I did a 12 mile run. For the first time in weeks it felt good. I hoped it would be a good sign for the next day’s trail run. Friday afternoon I scraped paint…this is its own form of endurance exercise….so Friday was certainly not restful.

Saturday, we started at 6:00am and ran 12 miles on the last section of the Ray Miller 50k. I was a bit nervous and so made sure to run easy pace. I’m happy to say all went well. The course was hard with steep climbs and steep descents and there were a few spots that cause me to fear encountering them on race day. But overall I felt well. No fatigue…no pain in my legs. The was and is good news.

Then today I ran an easy five The felt wonderful. Maybe I’m ready!

The lesson here is that we need to recover from more than running, so take care of yourself. I’ll do another 15 on the trail then the big day is December 2nd.


Road & Trail Running Not the Same. Duh! Ray Miller Training Run #5

Sunrise on PCH… a favorite part of this training
Last Saturday (11/11) Megan and I ran the first loop of the 50k we’re running December 2nd. Thankfully there was a group training run the same day so we were out there with many people. Well actually, many people passed us throughout the morning.

Up…up…up…and down and then up for total elevation gain (and loss) of 4100 feet
This run was a week late (schedule wise) because I’ve been slow to recover from the marathon I ran October 22nd (Ventura Marathon Race Recap – How’d that untethering go?). I’m still not sure I’m totally recovered. AND… I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago…no major damage or injuries, but there has been lingering soreness that certainly doesn’t speed up recovery.

This was just before I started feeling tired.
By now you know where I’m going with this. Saturday was way harder than it was supposed to be. After about 8 miles I was tired…very tired. And this was only halfway. I was also hungry… at mile 8 and on and off until I was very hungry as we approached mile 11. This is where we will encounter an aid station on race day, so I was planning to eat at that point. So, feeling ravenous, I ate a Superhero Muffin, from @runfasteatslow. It tasted wonderful, but then I had a horrible stomach ache from eating too much. By the way, I would never do something this dumb while running the roads.

Anyway I had to walk until enough was digested that I didn’t think I would vomit. While walking and feeling like crap I contemplated dropping out of Ray Miller…even thinking to check on their transfer policy (I did check and no bib transfers!).

Once the food entered my system I felt better running. It helped that the rest of the run was downhill at the point. While running the last 3 miles I had one little trip, but no falls! That was a running confidence booster (Quit when it’s hard? No Way!). I will be out there!

I talked to my coach about my struggles and he said I should eat every 20 minutes…50 calories only for 150 an hour. With easy road runs at a usual 10:00 pace, I usually do this when training on roads…calories in the form of liquid, gel, or block every 2 miles. But taking that every two miles plan on to the trails means that with an average 14:41 pace last Saturday I was way behind on calories. No wonder I felt awful.

Now that I’ve figured this out, I’m not as worried about race day… still a bit apprehensive, but not downright terrified. The race is now less than 3 weeks.

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