OOPS – Racing Weight, Week 1

How was my first week of my renewed efforts to get at my best racing weight? (for context you can read racing weight)

The first realization was that I had allowed some not-so-healthy processed food to creep into my diet. This is mostly in the form of bread, Belvita Breakfast Cookies and chocolate. As I look back its easy to see the unhealthy progression. First, I would eat these (dunked in coffee of course!) before a long run. Then I justified the sugar in the morning before a medium length run. Which led me to justify enjoying this treat with my coffee in the morning of any day that I was running. And then of course that led to, “its all good!” I can eat these every morning. Who needs oatmeal?249433_p

And that my friends is how we so easily head down the wrong road…with eating, or drinking, or any other bad habits.

So week 1 encompassed a return to the healthy eating habits that got me where I am. Will I ever eat Belvita again? Sure…but not now.

Week 1 was also the time to temporarily return to a food diary and a focus on fewer calories. Some days were a bit difficult because I seemed to be hungry all day…some of that is psychological and some is true hunger.

In the end I lost 1.2 lbs and .3% body fat. I must confess that this was disappointing. Shouldn’t all that hard work should show something tremendous? I spent the rest of the day reminding myself that this is a slow journey. Its funny how easy it is to forget!

What about you? When have you allowed something to creep back into your life?

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