The Louvre – Gratitude 3/23

We finally made it to The Louvre! We used most of the morning and some of the afternoon exploring this wonderful museum. I enjoyed the building itself and am in awe of the magnitude of the art that is the building itself. I didn’t take very many photos because of my desire to just remember what cannot be captured. After lunch we spent some rime in a mustard shop…that was fun! The best tasting was something they bottle on site, closing the bottle with a cork. Not being to sure this would travel well we opted for 2nd best tasting …and bought 3 jars for ourselves and another as a gift. Our other excursion was to a chocolate museum and as course we had to buy some chocolate. I also liked this little story…as a reminder not to get on the bad side of church members đŸ˜‰


Today I’m personally thankful for: another day of vacation to explore Paris; the art that enriches our world; and that I will be returning to my beloved California the day after tomorrow.

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