Marseille – Gratitude 3/20

My daily thanksgiving had taken a break…not because I’m not thankful but because the time in Wittenberg was so busy that I didn’t have time to post.

Now I’m on vacation! Yesterday I ran my first race outside of California, the Marseille Half Marathon. After the race we enjoyed a wonderful cheese plate for lunch, then set out to tour the city. Eventually we found the correct bus to get to Notre Dame de la Garde. This was at the top of a big hill…the race went around this (thankfully not over it!).

I found a beautiful bronze cross in the gift shop. It has a beautiful blue stone that will forever remind me of the beautiful blue sea here in Marseille. In attempting to purchase it, none of the cashiers spoke English. Thankfully I thought to attempt the transaction in Spanish…it worked! 

Today I’m personally thankful for: a fun race yesterday; an action packed first day of vacation with Scott; and the helpfulness of speaking Spanish.

Looking up from the base.
What can I say, other than “beautiful!”
Scott the tourist…and representing the Ventura Marathon!
The large white building is the Velodrome and out hotel is next to it.
A beautiful cross!

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