Gratitude 2/10

Today I was able to run my scheduled 6 miles with a friend. It was wonderful to be able to chat while easily covering those miles. When I first started running, it was just me. My daughter also began running at about the same time but we were not on the same schedules. Then my husband and son started running as well. We’ve have great experiences together at races and Saturday long runs. But usually I’m alone for my runs during the week. Sometimes this is good as I contemplate Sunday’s sermon…or other deep topics. Other times it is lonely. So today was a treat…

Today I am personal thankful for: M26 Running Tribe and all the new friends I’ve made since joining about 18 months ago; this morning’s run; and that this week was the first week of training for Mountains to Beach! Now I just need to shave 6 minutes of my marathon!

Author: nlswitz

I'm a pastor at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and Preschool in Oxnard, CA. Our church is small yet powerful, our preschool is amazing, and I am so happy to be a part of it all. I run and a coach other runners. Join me as I share thoughts on life in the church and along the roadways and running trails.

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