Messiness – Gratitude 2/28

I confess that I easily create clutter. I don’t set out to do this, but still, it happens. I had recently (I thought) been doing a better job of putting things away immediately after using them. Then I sat in my favorite chair today, put my feet up, took off my running shoes, and not hearing the normal thump of their hitting the floor, I looked down to see a nicely growing shoe pile. We have in this photo current road running shoes, new trail running shoes (used for the first time hiking on Sunday), old running shoes that I now use for walking, and buried under all this are my favorite slip on canvas shoes. Now that I’ve noticed them, I guess I’ll have to put them away. 

What about you? Are you a walking mess or a neat freak?

Today I’m personally thankful for: the fitness that leads to so many athletic shoes; for all who are protesting the nativism and racism that has been unleashed in our land; my new pillow that will hopefully let me sleep as I fly to Germany on Friday. 

A Fitness Marker – And Some Gratitude 

This morning Facebook showed me a memory from 4 years ago. It was a running log – 4 miles at an 11:27 pace. Today I’m proud of that because if I hadn’t started running 5 years ago I wouldn’t be a marathoner today. And if I hadn’t shared that particular run I wouldn’t have celebrated progress today. If you’re reading this and nervous about starting or frustrated with your pace, be happy with your effort…be consistent…be patient and you will see results.

Today I am personally thankful for: my easy run that was really easy (I was worried yesterday’s hike would make my legs sore and tired); a wonderful story that I heard about the kids in yesterday’s Sunday School class; and ending the day with a nice glass of wine.

Hiking or Active Recovery or Gratitude 2/26

Today Matt asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. Sure! I responded…after a nap. So nap completed we headed off to the Santa Monica Mountains. We tried a new trail, one that a member of our church calls a “butt buster” trail. I immediately understand why he described it this way as we started with what seemed to be a straight up climb. While climbing I was impressed that my legs were doing pretty well after yesterday’s 13 mile long run. Matt and I were able to easily converse all the way up this steep incline. It wasn’t until we were coming down that we realized that nobody else was able to converse while climbing, because they were too busy trying to breathe! Oh yeah, we’re fit! Enjoy the beautiful post rain photos.

Today I am personally thankful for: the fitness I have as a result of hard work; for the opportunity the bless a beautiful newborn in worship this morning; the beautiful coastal mountains of Ventura County, California.

Gratitude 2/24

We’ve had some beautiful (and chilly) weather the last couple days. After so many days of rain and clouds I’m appreciating the abundant sunshine. Yesterday I went for an early morning run and decided to take a few photos of the beauty. I hope you enjoy them. Today I’m personally thankful for: the hard workout at M26 Fitness this morning; yesterday’s beautiful 8 mile run; Friday bubble baths; and home made spaghetti sauce.

The Ventura River interacting with the ocean. The Channel Islands in the distance. I love living close enough to run in this beauty.
Sunrise at Ventura State Beach

Gratitude 2/23

Beautiful light pattern with the afternoon sun and a baby window.

Are you familiar with wavy glass? It’s the glass in the original windows of old houses. In some mysterious way glass, I’m told, is liquid (I read up on this a long time ago but don’t remember the details). The point for today is that wavy glass creates beautiful patterns as the sun shines through it. These two photos are from yesterday’s sun shining through two different windows.

Today I’m personally thankful for: our 100-year-old Craftsman Bungalow, with its original windows ; beautiful sunshine; and the opportunity to run this morning.



This is in the living room…light from wavy glass along with a prism from another special window.

Gratitude 2/20

Today’s run was not my favorite…five miles of light rain and big puddles everywhere, so even with this short run I was soaked. I won’t complain too much though, because any run is better than no run. And we need the rain.

So, today I am personally thankful for: the ability to run; the strength training class that followed my run; relaxing with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.