Monthly Archives: February 2017

Messiness – Gratitude 2/28

I confess that I easily create clutter. I don’t set out to do this, but still, it happens. I had recently (I thought) been doing a better job of putting things away immediately after using them. Then I sat in my favorite chair today, put my feet up, took off my running shoes, and not […]
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A Fitness Marker РAnd Some Gratitude 

This morning Facebook showed me a memory from 4 years ago. It was a running log – 4 miles at an 11:27 pace. Today I’m proud of that because if I hadn’t started running 5 years ago I wouldn’t be a marathoner today. And if I hadn’t shared that particular run I wouldn’t have celebrated […]
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Hiking or Active Recovery or Gratitude 2/26

Today Matt asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. Sure! I responded…after a nap. So nap completed we headed off to the Santa Monica Mountains. We tried a new trail, one that a member of our church calls a “butt buster” trail. I immediately understand why he described it this way as […]
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Gratitude 2/24

We’ve had some beautiful (and chilly) weather the last couple days. After so many days of rain and clouds I’m appreciating the abundant sunshine. Yesterday I went for an early morning run and decided to take a few photos of the beauty. I hope you enjoy them. Today I’m personally thankful for: the hard workout […]
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Gratitude 2/23

Are you familiar with wavy glass? It’s the glass in the original windows of old houses. In some mysterious way glass, I’m told, is liquid (I read up on this a long time ago but don’t remember the details). The point for today is that wavy glass creates beautiful patterns as the sun shines through […]
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Gratitude 2/21

Today I’m personally thankful for: the board and staff of El Centrito and am looking forward to working with our new executive director; the opportunity to try some unique looking and good tasting cheese; and spending time in chapel with our preschool students.

Gratitude 2/20

Today’s run was not my favorite…five miles of light rain and big puddles everywhere, so even with this short run I was soaked. I won’t complain too much though, because any run is better than no run. And we need the rain. So, today I am personally thankful for: the ability to run; the strength […]
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Gratitude 2/19

I’ve never been called a “nasty woman” but I have experienced negative comments directed my way. I think that any woman who has strong convictions and is willing to speak will be on the receiving end of criticism. Comments I’ve heard over the years include: you’re pushy, you’re mean, you’re rude, people are afraid of […]
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Just Go! Gratitude 2/18

Today’s long run was 11 miles…and I was¬†looking forward to it! But yesterday’s storm wasn’t quite done with us, so we woke to a nice steady rain ( thankfully not the downpour and wind of yesterday). As we left the house (Matt and Megan ran with me) the rain continued, and our normal route was […]
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Gratitude 2/17

Today was a lazy day…mostly. It started with a 6am full body workout, included a bit of shopping, a bubble bath, some laundry, cooking chili for dinner…but mostly watching the rain. Lazy days are good for the soul. Today I’m personally thankful for: that Friday is my day off; a good fitness class this morning, […]
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