Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 26 & 27 – See and Heal

This post is part of my finding a photo to illustrate a word each day during Lent. I find myself doubling up again. The words for yesterday and today are “see” and “heal”. The thing about injuries is that they are often not visible. My photo for today is of my left shin, which is […]
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February 25 – Joy

I’m sharing a photo and a thought to go with a word each day of Lent. Today’s word is “joy”. Scott and I are not exactly jumping with joy here… only because we were tired. He successfully completed his first half marathon and I was able to take 30 minutes off my marathon time. It was […]
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February 23 & 24 – Covenant & Shelter

I’m sharing a photo to illustrate a word each day in Lent. Today I have two words because I had major technical difficulty using WordPress and photos on my iPad. Today’s words are covenant and shelter. Our city, like most others, has an event to honor our veterans each year on Veteran’s Day. Now that I live downtown […]
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February 22 – Vision 

I’m sharing photos and thoughts about a word each day during Lent. Today’s word is “vision”. Maybe it is appropriate for the word vision that all my photos are upside down. A problem with the iPad I guess..   Usually when we start a project we have a vision of what we want to accomplish. As […]
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February 20 – Live

I am sharing photos and thoughts on various words for each day during Lent. Today’s word is “live”.   As I looked through my old photos I came across some photos from an event that happened just before Christmas. We had decided to have an evening of Christmas caroling (and cookies) on December 23rd. The event […]
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February 19 – Love

This is part of a series of posts featuring photos to go with specific words each day during Lent. Today’s word is “love”. On Monday the LA Times had a story about some people getting married and others renewing their vows at mile 10 of the LA Marathon. My first reaction was, “I want to […]
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February 18 – Refuge

  About 18 months ago our congregation voted to become a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. This means that we are intentionally welcoming to our LGBT sisters and brothers in Christ. For me it is very important that when someone hears the words, “Jesus loves you,” they don’t automatically think, “not really me.” Sadly this has […]
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February 17 – Mighty

Today begins the second week of finding a photo to illustrate a word for each day of Lent. As a reminder the word list is here: Today’s word in mighty. This photo is of the lead pack of elite women at last Saturday’s US Olympic Marathon trials. Mighty indeed!

February 16 – Go

Today’s word is “go” and I’m thinking about the times we have opportunities to go out and have some fun. I don’t think we always take advantage because life seems to get in the way. I remember two of my dear friends preaching at my ordination service (6 years ago!) and both of them emphasized […]
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February 15 – Settle

I love this story about two athletes who show that we don’t have to settle in the face of adversity.