Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Last Resort

As I’ve transformed into a runner, I’ve listened to less and less music. For me, running has become a time of meditation, of letting my mind run free, of sometimes trying to keep all thoughts at bay, and a time to contemplate my sermon or to work through a problem. I now only listen to […]
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A Callus or Calloused?

Technically a callus is a build up of dead, compacted skin that is usually located on the hands, feet, or even elbows. These, not too sightly, skin patches are actually part of the body’s attempt to protect itself. We need calluses because we need the protection. Just remember the painful blisters that you’ve received on […]
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A 2015 Review…On the Running Side!

Like many people do at this time of year, I’ve done a bit of a look back at the last year. All in all its been a very good year. My work as a pastor has been going well, and connected to this my life as a runner has been amazing. I say these two […]
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