Adult Running Camp – Day 1 (and a reminder to pick up my feet)

I’m 54 years old and this is my first time participating in a “sports camp.”  Or, you might call is a group mini runcation. We’re at Mammoth Lakes for some altitude running with r running club. This morning I ran a nice 7 miles on a dirt road. There were some rolling hills, but overall […]
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Growing up racist – #1

“for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29) I’m writing today to my white skinned sisters and brothers… Racism is the great challenge facing our country today (and yesterday and the day before that). Because most of us, being white, don’t usually experience the outright racism that we’ve seen in our […]
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White Power

White power. I hate those two words together. They represent racism at its most vile. These words evoke images of violence, intimidation, and hate. I would love to reject these words when used together. Unfortunately I can’t for the stark reality that I, throughout my life have benefited from “white power.” We don’t like to […]
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How Long Does a Dead Tree Stand?

On a recent vacation to Yosemite we witnessed the overwhelming number of dead trees in California. I read an article that places the number at more than 100 million in the state. Dead trees are normal, but not usually in such large numbers. The current dead tree phenomenon is the result of drought weakening trees […]
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The Stumbling Stone – Sermon for August 13, 2017

  Romans 9:30-10:15 The beginning of the text… “What then are we to say? Gentiles, who did not strive for righteousness, have attained it, that is, righteousness through faith; but Israel, who did strive for the righteousness that is based on the law did not succeed in fulfilling the law. Why not? Because they did […]
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My Post-Ferguson Sermon, 2014

As I prepare to preach on the painful topic of racism I re-read a sermon from 3 years ago. The events of yesterday are proof that we (white people) must get out of our comfort zones and confront this evil in all its manifestations. I wrote my sermon last Wednesday… at least I thought I […]
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No, that is not ok

This morning and last night white supremacists demonstrated in Charlottesville Virginia. That is a very long way from Oxnard California, but both cities are in the United States. For this reason what happens there is important here and everywhere else. As a white middle class woman I denounce the racism of white supremacy. It is […]
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Body Image – Gratitude 8/10

The other day I was talking to a friend about body image. We’re both in our 50s, and physically fit endurance athletes. But we still worry occasionally about the way we look…especially around the middle. We’re not alone in this. Sadly girls receive the, “don’t let your stomach stick out” message from a young age. […]
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Adult Running Camp – Day 3

Last day of running camp today. We met at 8am for a 5 mile run around Lake Mary, the shortest distance but highest altitude for running (8900 ft). I wasn’t sure how my run would go because I was a bit tired from the two days previous. My foot was a bit stiff, but I didn’t […]
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Adult Running Camp – Day 2

Thankfully my ankle didn’t feel too bad when I woke this morning. It was still swollen a bit but the combination of ice cold water (Convict Lake) and ibuprofen had me in good enough shape for today’s activities. (Adult Running Camp – Day 1 (and a reminder to pick up my feet)) Side note: I […]
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