Having Your Back

Says Jesus (as recorded by John): 15”If you love me, you will keep my commandments. 16And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever.17This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because […]
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On Suffering by Choice

In his book, How Bad Do You Want It, author and coach Matt Fitzgerald explores the psychology of endurance sports, or the psychological attributes needed to endure. Using the analogy of fire walking he takes the reader through stories of real athletes, their achievements, and their failures. The difference between achievement and failure is measure in […]
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Ummm – Racing Weight Week 2

I weigh myself most mornings, which is a good or bad practice, depending on whose advice you listen to. It’s generally helpful for me. Over the last couple years, as I’ve lost lots of weight, I’ve recorded it whenever I reached a lower number. Of course with the daily fluctuations that we all have it […]
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Sowing to the wind

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” -Hosea 8:7 Sowing to the wind… the prophet Hosea was protesting the political systems and religious practices of the time, especially in trusting “things” and people rather than God. As someone who doesn’t practice the discipline of scripture memorization, I’m intrigued that this is […]
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Unsettled – Gratitude 6/14

Do you ever have days when you feel a bit unsettled? Like a heavy weight is weighing on you? When its hard to focus upon the task at hand? I think that most of us experience these feelings on occasion. Some experience these feelings more often and more intensely. For them it is clinical depression, […]
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OOPS – Racing Weight, Week 1

How was my first week of my renewed efforts to get at my best racing weight? (for context you can read racing weight) The first realization was that I had allowed some not-so-healthy processed food to creep into my diet. This is mostly in the form of bread, Belvita Breakfast Cookies and chocolate. As I […]
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Ouch! Gratitude 6/8

Over the course of my running life I, like many others have bruised and then lost toenails. This wasn’t surprising as I used to play tennis and my toes didn’t always fare well with all the pounding on the court. But after Mountains2Beach the toes on my right foot were more sore than I’ve previously experienced… more […]
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An Old Sermon on Matthew 28:16-20 and the Trinity

“We begin in the name of Jesus, who came down from heaven, died on the cross, and entered my heart.” This is the invocation for weekly chapel at Good Shepherd Lutheran School. Beginning in preschool, children learn these words, and when I began leading chapel here many years ago, it was the children who taught […]
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Global Running Day – Gratitude 6/7

There seems to be a DAY for everything and everyone. Usually these days are not the most healthy… wine day, pizza day, donut day. A favorite for me was “buy a priest a beer day.” I shared that particular day on my Facebook feed with the edit to, “buy a pastor a beer day” and […]
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Racing Weight – Getting There

A brief background. I mentioned in previous posts that I started running in an effort to lose weight (Not Always about Speed and About Sugar). It worked as I’d lost approximately 80 pounds by September 2016 (this has been a multi-year journey). I say approximately because I don’t know my heaviest weight…at a certain point it’s depressing […]
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